Roll up banners special offers.

60×160(x-ban)plastic Χ banner45€
85×200 Νο 123banner hook-top60€
85×200(3Μ) Νο 122banner snap-top70€
100×200(3Μ)banner snap-top95€
120×200(3Μ)banner snap-top135€
150×200(3Μ)banner snap-top155€



*prices dont include vat.

Banner displays
(roll up banner)

Using a roll up banner for an exhibition or for company offices , is a nice and ‘clean’ way for signage of your brand .Roll up banners are light weight and easy to set up and use.The procedure takes place in just a few minutes and its suitable , even for persons that havent any idea of using displays . A roll up banner uses vinyl or pvc material as his backdrop adjustable print.

We can also change the printing of your roll up banners and you can use them as new.
Available sizes:

•   85cm x 203cm

•   120cm x 203cm

•   150cm x 203cm

•   200cm x 203cm

Flying banners,flags
(flying banner σημαία)

In the display category we can add the flying banner with aluminium hold and different bases for every need.The flying banner is an indoor-outdoor signage product with a large printing surface .It is very simple to set up and use and its easy to restore it .
Your company image can be upgaded with a roll up banner or a flying banner and everyone will notice your hig prestige signage.
Available sizes:

•   3m height (2×0,75cm)

•   4m height oval shape

•   4m height(3×0,75cm)

•   eco 4m height (2,70×0,75cm)

•   5m height(4×0,85cm)