• Continuous printed forms
  • Printed order forms
  • Business envelopes-forms
  • Sous vert-Sous plat
  • Stickers-adhesives
  • Posters-Newspapers

Print brochures for your company in wholesale prices and with the design of TOCA PRINTING.

✔ Continuous printed forms

Print for your company Continuous forms and save time and money. If you are working with ready universal forms or you print in your business printer,think about the difference of cost and image in compare with a printed triple set continuous form exactly for your needs! Our company can print and design your forms , according to your accountant needs! 1000 continuous forms triplicates 22x27cm ONLY 225 €!

✔ Printed order forms

Print for your business order forms with white, pink and yellow triple set pages. Organise your orders simply and fast! Your salesmen might henceforth file and analyze the elements of orders and their guest list, while for you the control is a mater of minutes! Our company undertakes the printing and the creation of her model according to your needs ! 100 items triplicates cotinuous forms notepad 21x30cm ONLY 380 &euro?!

✔ Business envelopes-forms

Print for your business envelopes and business forms with your logo.Refresh your company image and raise your sales !Your collaborators, your customers and your suppliers will apriciate the control that you will show them! Leave the design to us and print 1000 business forms 89&euro? ONLY!

✔Sous vert-Sous plat

If your are owner of a restaurant , cafe-bar or club you can print sous vert , sous plat , catalogues, business cards and generaly whatever you need .Our design team will work on your logo and the final design of your prited product .The cost for 1000 sous plat in dimensions for 42x30cm is only 110€ and it will raise ypur business image .The 10 cents costof each sous vert will multiply your customers and it will lift your «brand awerwness».

✔ Stickers-adhesives

Your products are the most important thing you can offer to your customers! For small or industrial use , we print for you the stickers you need or adhesives in roll! The cost is to small in compare with the revenue!We can print adhesives on plain paper nono-scratch ,on laminated paper ,on seethrought palstic or pvc and we have the ability to print by plotter , offset or even clise printing!

✔ Postersb and newspapers

A printed paper poster is the most efective way for your company branding !You can print your posters on plain velevt paper or on strong (kouche paper) ! Our experience in poster and newspaper printing will effect the final result of your product. Call now at ΤOCA and print 200 posters with a cost of 67€ digital! Dont forget that we can print large amounts of posters and newspapaers in offset printing machines!