Continuous Forms 3parts set

10.000pcs3parts set16,5×15245€

εκτυπωμένα-έντυπα-μηχανογράφησης έντυπα-μηχανογράφησης-διπλότυπα





Notepad or self-registering notepads
(2parts set)

50pcsnotepadback glued90€
10pcsself-registering notepadsperforation,
strong back,
head tape.
10pcstriple setperforation,
strong back,
head tape.
    *prices dont include vat.

Continuous Forms

The Continuous Forms and the notepads of (invoices, orders or simply) offer to you organisation, add prestige and reliability in your enterprise and the most important, economy.
The Continuous forms are “sheet of” (possessed flow printed) for printers with “denticles” that support accountant forms with holes and perforation.

We print Continuous Forms on proofs, tariffs, triplicates of orders, receipts etc.
The printing and the production of computer forms have the following specifications:

  1. Printing of Continuous Forms in double or triple sets .
  2. With perforation, holes , numbered.
  3. Various thicknesses of papers as 120gr for car companies.
  4. Color and form specifications .
Carbonless Notebooks

Carbonless Notebooks offer to your company , individualisation of information for your customer.
The printed notepads do not need carbon because we allocate the better quality in carbonless paper.

We can print on carbonless notepad, in any dimension and with special specifications.

We have the ability of printing notepad of orders and notepad of tariffs with the following specifications:

  1. Printed carbonless notepad of 2set , 3set or 4set pages .
  2. Cover and back cover printed .
  3. Binding with pin and perforated.
  4. Color proof and 2 side of page printing.
  5. 25pages, 50pages and numdered notepads.
Glue Binding Notebooks

In the categories of tax forms we can add the printed forms (single page) that you can see in the category “printed-forms”.

One more application of printing notepad are the glue binded notepads . In this category we usually have 50page notepad with strong back backcover for notes, orders and for advertising gift.

We have the ability of printing notepad in all dimensions and with special printing metal colors.

  • We can print notepads with glue binding in single color , or cmyk.
  • Strong back cover.
  • 25pages or 100pages for special cases.

In our showroom our we can show you ,our samples of work.