Cmyk printed adhesives with lamination.

1χ2moracleΝο 100160€
1x2mone-way-visionΝο 100580€

Special cuted stickers

1χ2m9year vinylΝο 101185€
1χ2mprint & cutΝο 102195€
1×2μsand blust cutedice color115€

*prices dont include vat.

Adhesives to stick in all surfaces!

Print your sticker-adhesives on best quality materials!

We print and we place adhesives:

  • Alouminium signs, plexi-glass signs.
  • On vehicles and windows.
  • Shape cuted stickers.
  • Stickers for paper and plastic bags.
  • Silk print double sided.
  • Plasterboard , Laminated surfaces, walls.
  1. simple adhesives
  2. polymeric adhesives 7-9 years
  3. one way vision adhesives
  4. vynil stickers
  5. laminated stickers
  6. grey glue or removable stickers

Printed adhesives.

The strongness , the duration and the method of placing are very important .It si important for us to know the surface that the adhesive is gona be placed so that we have the right duration throught the years.
Attention the most expensive sticker is not proper for all the surfaces by default. The right way to choose your sticker, is to let us know the details of using it and we can provide yoy with the right quality and the best price.

For example , a polymeric sticker , is not the best for windows , but it is proper for walls and vehicles.

The lamination is very important for outdoor use and its sugested for illuminated signs ,walls and alouminium signs!
Our company can design for you, the best comercial or private design for adhesive.

Adhesives for singage

Every day we print more than 100sq.m. adhesives and we cut and place adhesives with grey back-glue, sand blast adhesives and with special white color treatment .

Our supliers are ORACLE , MAC-TAC , INTERCOAT and 3M , simply the best supliers in adhesives wordwide.

We can provide our printing services in express time and we can deliver lots of sq.m. in only 24 hours!
Our work is well placed in big buildings all over ATHENS («IASIS»,»MEAT-PRO» etc.) but also in small detailed projects.

print and cut of adhesives

Printing and placement is very important .
The quality of ROLAND colors, gives you the best guarantie for your sticker.
The knowlege of our team and the dificulties through the years , makes us your best partner in adhesives.
Our design team can present you a photo-realistic design before we print .

Adhesives , stickers, shape cut «OLA TOCA» !!!