Adhesive vinyls with cmyk lamination

1x2moracleNo 100160€
1 × 2mone-wayNo 100580€
1 × 2msandblastingice90€

Printing of stickers

1x2m9 vinylsNo 101185€
1x2mprinting-cuttingNo 102195€
1 × 2msandblastingice115€
* prices are not included.

Stickers - Vinyls for all surfaces and for all applications!

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Print stickers with high-quality quality guarantees!

We print and place vinyls for:

  • Aluminum inscriptions, plexi-glass.
  • Body-Glazing of cars, trucks.
  • Coptic for every use.
  • Paper-plastic packaging.
  • Two-sided silkscreens.
  • Gypsum board, spatulaar, laminar surfaces.
  1. monomers
  2. polymeric 7-9 years
  3. perforated one way vision
  4. vinyl for harsh conditions
  5. plasticized
  6. with gray glue or removable
Printing wide-format stickers

It is of great importance the duration, the degree of exposure to weather phenomena, the bonding surface and, of course, the colors we will use for each different case.
Beware the strongest and most expensive sticker is not suitable for all applications. It is always better to let us know about the use you want and we suggest the most cost-effective solution.

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Laminating is an additional treatment that is even applied to perforations and offers high resistance to monomeric materials. We will recommend lamination in luminous inscriptions, in aluminum and more rarely in glass windows, which sometimes require special removable adhesives to easily change our themes!
Our company is engaged in the design of the mock-ups that will "draw" the attention to the final recipient.

Vinyl stickers inscriber

We print 100x2 vinyls every day and we process copolymers such as sandblasted vinyls, self-shining reflectors and backlite.
We undertake sticker placements with gray stickers for walls, aluminum inscriptions or glass windows.

The experience and know-how allows us to propose very cost-effective printing and application solutions for each surface and condition.
We work with ORACLE, MAC-TAC, INTERCOAT and 3M that form the backbone of vinyl manufacturing worldwide.

Our production speed allows you to have the sticker you want along with placement in record time, ie from 1 only working!
Our applications are located in central buildings of Athens ("IASIS", "MEAT-PRO", etc.) but they concern every professional and we take vinyls of discounts, cutting time and of course luminous inscriptions.

Sticker printing and placement are a very serious matter.
The quality and durability of EPSON inks guarantee a lifetime of over 5 years.
Our installation experience guarantees the choice of the right material for the appropriate surface and use.
We undertake work with crane trucks, de-sanding, placements and special constructions.
The prints are strictly controlled by our design team before they are printed.
In case of inscriptions, our design team presents you with a photo-realistic design.

Printing of stickers for aluminum, cutters, letters "ALL TOCA" !!!

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