Business cards with wholesale prices
350gr laminated cards…See more

Business promotional cards are printed on offset machines and include card prints in one thousand-piece packages.

Card prints with local uv.

350gsm velvet card prints. Only with 35 € 1000 and lamination.

Business cards on special paper with gold print.

Card printing and 2 sticking of different faces / cards.

1000tmxcmyk2 faces35€
1000tmxLocal uv2 faces118€
500tmx300 gr.1 face25€

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Special card prints

500tmx700gsm lmn.uv 2sd135€
500tmx750gsm goldprintletterpress285€
500tmx780micronpvc (credit-card)215€

* prices are not included.

Local UV relief in the same color. 1000 85 €.

Relief ecological business cards.

Card Rotation.

Cloths for clothes.

Card prints

Card prints

  • ✔ Inclined printing letterpress

So-called letter press.
We build a cliche to "push" the items we want from printing.

  • ✔ Rigid with glued paper (laminarist)

We can stick 2 or 3 cards together to achieve a higher thickness (Micron) and a higher weight.
Also with this method we can "hide" the rotogravure or embroidery elements on the business cards.

  • Transparent plastic 650 micron

We are printing transparent plastic on one side.
We make sure that we do not have print colors "soft" and we prefer colors "full" like blue, red, black etc.
We can also print in transparent sandblasting plastic, using a local Uv embossing method.

Membership credit cards in Pvc credit.
Print variable data (barcode, numbering, etc.) with four-color on 2 facets.
You can print mat or glossy Pvc.

  • ✔ With a specialist cutting shape

We manufacture cutters for internal cutting or for professional printing.
The shape of the business card determines the image of your company.

We can process bussiness cards to polish locally to print points you want.
Usually for even more visible printing results, matte lamination is done and at indoor locations we put gloss uv foil.

Printed cardboards with ecological cardboard.

Cards with rotogravure.

Cards with uv 3D. From 90 € 1000.

Pvc cards as credit. From 85 € 100.

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embossed wafer embossed cards
  • ✔ With metal or plain thermoprinting

We also have the ability to print special colored or highly embossed papers.
In these bussiness cards, we use anti-thermo transfer for printing.
The thermo-transfer on special papers, is done with the film method and it is very similar to the silk-screen printing.
In this way we can print business cards in white or any pantonne and we can also print metallic colors.

  • ✔ With metallography

Exactly in the above manner, ie by heat transfer we print bussiness cards with gold or silver print, or copper-printed.
There are also special metallic red or blue etc, colors.
With the printing of heat transfer, we are able to print papers that can not be printed differently, ie colored and we can also print metallic colors on all papers.

Special tasks

  • ✔ With 3D effect

This bussiness card processing method is more rare and involves a special lamination coating that creates the illusion of three-dimensional printing and appearance.
It looks like the old childish rulers that showed us 2 different images depending on the viewing angle.
In that case, we had a special plastic sheet processed with the image of each show.
Such a special printing requires long tirage (over 100.000 business cards or cardolines) and is very expensive.
For this reason we use three-dimensional paterns for printing and we can have an inexpensive bussiness card production.

  • ✔ With variable data

Variable Bussiness cards prints, we print Barcodes or counts.
In these cases special editing and proffing settings are needed to print 1000-100.000 files with variations at the same time.
It plays a big role in the professional printing of variable data, their correct reading by electronic systems.
For this reason you should trust printers that meet the specifications.

eidik; and xartia

Special cards for cards

  • ✔ In special coated paper

Types of printing paper differ not only in weight or thickness.
There are papers of the same thickness and texture that differ in their versatility.
So when we have to print patterns that contain strong backgrounds (black background, for example), we use cards of greater absorbency.

  • ✔ In eco brown

Ecological cardboard with printing, thermo transfer or letter press is a very good aesthetic solution for every business.
We get it from Aggelidi a & g papers or Peraki and we print thousands of items per week.
From business cards (busssiness cards) to special cartelins or brochures.
It can be easily cut with molds to create cutting internal shapes or external shapes in our prints.

Print-card design

Useful information for business cards.

Business cards should not contain much information or images. Just fill in your name, company logo, and contact details.
If you want something different for your business, print cards in special material or shape, rigid, with letterpress, UV and more.

The paper weight you will use on your card is very important. The ideal paper weight for positively unflattering cards is 350gr.

Cards must be matte laminated (unless it is special paper) so they are not easily destroyed and are more resistant to moisture and wrinkles.

The most correct dimension is 8,5x5cm so that the cards fit into the wallet cases and cardbags.

rotogravure business cards

Print special cards

Business cards with special printing and post-printing work
Printing cards on special papers and post-print jobs is a very detailed process.
We require experience and knowledge of the features of the cards to be processed and the absolute coincidence of the "prints" that complete the final result of the card printing.

  1. The printing press should explain to you which types of paper are suitable for embossed or embossed business cards.
  2. They need to show you a lot of samples and check the coincidences of printing and the colors with a loupe (specialist printer).
  3. Measure with a micrometer (a special thickness gauge) the thickness of the card stuck to make to achieve the desired stiffness.

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