Envelope prints with wholesale prices

Folders 100gr with sticker.

1000Folders (No 4501)× 11 2365€
5000Folders (No 4501)× 11 23180€
1000Folders 4 Color (No 4504)× 11 2395€

Letterheads or Invoices A4 90gr

1000Letterhead (No 4401)80gr65€
5000Letterhead (No 4401)110gr125€
10000Letterhead (No 4401)110gr175€

* prices are not included.

Envelopes printed

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Folder Prints

Prints mail folders and bag folders in all dimensions. We also have the ability to print open folders.
The open envelope printing process requires design experience and print margins so that the envelope closes correctly without any color loss in the movie.

The classical dimension of the mail folder is 23x11,5cm and fits an Axminx folded to three.
We work with leading file makers like Georgios and Angelidis, resulting in perfect paper absorbency and smooth raster printing.

  1. We print folders from 23x11,5 to 30x40cm pouch folder
  2. We design and print shades of gold, as well as Pantonne.
  3. In an open envelope, we can print all the surfaces.

Prints letterhead

Letterheads are single-sided A4 sheets and are used to print or write letters.
The type of paper we use for letterhead printing is highly absorbent writing paper.

We print A4 on writing paper from 80g to 100g (grams refer to gsm, ie grams per square meter and determine the weight-thickness of the print paper).
Letterheads heavier than 100g are not recommended because they do not go through home printers if they need to print their area.

block blanks
block letterhead pen with printing

• The paper weight must be over 80g not to be transparent.

• The model reflects the brand image of your company and is minimal.

• We can print the letterhead also from 2 faces.

• The paper is soft and the colors with raster go smoothly, this implies correct paper with great absorbency!

Print invoices

Letterhead can of course be used as pre-printed invoices, receipt forms, orders, instructions, contracts and generally for every type of company paper that needs writing paper.
Preprinted invoices are printed in a variety of dimensions, with the basic A4, ie 21x30cm.

Invoicing printing requires an exact coincidence of the pre-printed fields so that the information printed by the printer of the company (eg, amount, tax etc. and tax items in each form) is compiled.

Our company gives you a solution for any tax or business form you may need and we can print invoices on prints:

  • Single-sided letterhead paper invoices.
  • Blank duplicate invoice trips with carbonless perforation
  • 2 printing for special jobs, workshops, insurance, etc., for printing printers with holes, tripletype.

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