Wall Calendars

Wall calendars (naturally and pyramid diaries) cover the needs of even the most demanding project.
Whether you plan to distribute them to your customers or sell them for clubs and organizations, you can contact our company to send you a wholesale offer in offset quality and print!

Offers wall calendars at wholesale prices

Advertising wall calendars

100 Axminum spiral5 sheets with back175€
100 AxNUMX hole13 5 sheets175€
300 Axminum spiral7 sheets with back580€

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Pyramid logs

1.000 Axminum spiral14 back pages630€
300 Axminum spiral7 sheets with back350€
500 Axminum spiral13 sheets with back510€

* prices are not included.

  • All dimensions
  • All types and weights of paper
  • With spiral and hanger
  • 2 faces
  • Coptic
  • Perforate
  • and what else do you imagine

Select a number of sheets for your calendar:

  1. one-sided
  2. 2
  3. 4
  4. 7
  5. 13

and we will offer you the best possible offer in the correct paper size and weight!

Office calendars and agendas

Table desktop calendars and agendas are a complete way to showcase your business.

Our company can print for you calendars that will include information, photos and prices for your products or services at wholesale prices.
We undertake designing or editing your creative offering you the final product with the aesthetics you need.
We print desktop calendars in any dimension you want, for example:

  • 10x15
  • 20x15
  • 24x17

The desktop calendars are printed on 170gr velvet paper and include binder with a spiral of your choice and office pyramid support card!

The number of cards differs depending on the customer's needs, but we usually print 7 sheets so that we have months back and forth on each sheet, or 13 with one month per sheet and the show we want on the other side.
In all the above information you can request special papers, pages and printing methods.

  1. Hologram pyramid 10x15, 23 pages only 0,70 € / pcs.
  2. Hologram pyramid 20x15, 23 pages only 0,87 € / pcs.

the offer refers to 1000 pieces.

Agendas with external printing.

Agendas are the most beautiful gift for your customers and partners.

We only print externally and we have all the dimensions and categories of covers.

You can ask for silver, gold or monochrome printing.

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