Wedding Invitations - Baptism Invitations

Invitations are the first and foremost impression of the event you are organizing!
Our company can print wedding invitations, baptismal invitations and general invitations at wholesale prices.
Printed or non-printed event envelopes and invitations. We undertake designing or editing your creative offering you the final product with the aesthetics you need.
We print invitations on special papers such as:

  • Conqueror
  • Emperor
  • dali
  • Craft
  • Modigliani
  • Opaline
  • Craft

... and 100es codes that we can show you on our showrooom and choose from our samplers!


Editing the invitation print can impress the final recipient and we can choose the most correct way of presenting and printing.
At specific points we can print:

  1. Thermal printing
  2. Stamp
  3. Chrysotyping
  4. Electric
  5. Letter-press
  6. UV-total

and many others that we can show you in samples.

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Event folders - Invitation folders

Envelopes complement and simultaneously take off the final picture in your invitations!
Our company covers from the simplest solutions to the most demanding envelope specifications with a number of diplomas and special folder molds.

  • All dimensions
  • Doubts
  • Stick together
  • Raches
  • Molds
  • Coptic
  • Perforate
  • Boxes

and what else do you imagine for your favorite moment!

Select a paper weight for your envelope:

  1. 120 gr.
  2. 220 gr.
  3. 300 gr.
  4. even 500gr or laminated
  5. plasticizing

The papers we use are hundreds and their edits they tie even with invitations, or we can create duplicate and closed envelopes!

Printing a special gold leaf print

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