Printed flyers low prices

flyers printed 2sd Α5 150gr cmyk

2500flyers Α52 sides57€
5000flyers Α52 sides68€
10000flyers Α52 sides115€

Printed flyers 2 sides Α4 150gr cmyk

2500flyers Α42 sides78€
5000flyers Α42 sides115€
10000flyers Α42 sides215€

*prices dont include vat.

Flyer printing

One of the most commercial ways of promotion of your enterprise is the distribution with advertising booklets while is a easy and fast way the consumers to be informed for the products or your services.

flyer special offers

In the advertising booklets you should be careful with the following, in design and printing:

• The design of the flyer should be accordinated with your brand image of your company.

• Dont bother your potential customers with to many informations.

• It is recomented to show an offer ,so you that you can call to action the potential customer.

• The thikness of the papper should be at least 150gr in fine quality.

• The paper must be soft so the colours with raster can return smoothly, something that needs correct paper quality!

Commercial booklets

Our company has the ability of printing Offset large amounts of booklets and respectively digital for small amounts.

The advertising booklet that you will print passes from strict control so much for the quality of printing and also for color-profiles that you use.

If you assign the design of your booklet ,in our graphic department , beyond the very economic price that we offer to you, we naturally deliver multiple files for printing or publishing your next works, perfect and efficient in sales fylladio, form, flyer.
You can choose the folding of your flyer or booklet that you need

We allocate folding and combined folding for each folding tipe of your booklet, one fold booklet, triple fold flyer. Also we can apply cutting mould in each printing of form or your booklet and still manufacture for your company cutting moulds for all kinds of printing.

Printing statistics

The advertising booklets and each flyer form it can “boost up” your sales with very low cost.

Our most customers, print booklets, flyers, forms and distribute them constantly so that they havebig commercial turnovers..
Our company, TOCA printing &? advertising, it prints roughly 300.000 booklets daily, it publishes above 10 zinc-film Offset, a lot of color-proofs (for exigent printings of forms) and completes 10-15 of the press daily in total of 4 machines Offset.flyers booklets
With this production you have almost sure delivery in 3-4 days and very likely sin 1-2 days if you have instant need to print for congresses or reports.

We are in your disposal via telephone for any information and our team is ready to serve you also with appointment in our showroom where you will see samples from booklets, forms, monofylla and naturally whatever you want from professional cards simple or with All treatments, till signs of big dimensions.
Say “OLA TOCA” and print with us everything that concerns your corporate image!