Special wholesale prices in printed calendars.

Printed wall calendars

100 Α4 spiral binding5 sheets with back cover175€
100 Α3 single back13 sheets Α5175€
300 Α3 spiral7 sheets with back cover580€

Printed desk calendars

1.000 Α6 spiral binding14 heets with back cover630€
300 Α5 spiral binding7 heets with back cover350€
500 Α5 spiral binding13 heets with back cover510€

*prices dont include vat.

Printed wall calendars

Printed wall calendars give great image of your company or project .
If you plan to give them like a business present to your customers , or even if you plan to sell them for making a profit , our company can give the best wholesale prices !

    We can print

  • on every paper dimension
  • on specific color profiles
  • with spiral binding or glue
  • 2 sided
  • Cuting forms
  • Perforated
  • and everything you can imagine.

Choose number of paper sheets-pages:

  1. Single page
  2. 2 sheets of paper
  3. 4 sheets of paper
  4. 7 sheets
  5. 13 sheets
  6. and we will help you with the proper paper weight for you business calendar !

Desk calendars.

Desk standing calendars gives a great image for your company .

Our company can print for you calendars that include informations , photos and even product pictures or services pictures .
We can design or take care of your branding concerning your company image.
We can print desk calendars in every dimension needed :

  • 10χ15
  • 20χ15
  • 24χ17

For printed calenders we use 170gr velvet paper and spiral binding in color of your choice . The standing triangle paper can also be printed!

The number of pagew is up to you but we often use 7page layout. This way we print 2 months in one page, or we can print each month on single page and we use 13 sheets calendars .
We also offer special quality prints and papers .

    Offset printed calendars :

  1. Triangle desk calendars 10χ15 , 23 pages spiral binding , only 0,70€/pc.
  2. Triangle desk calendars 20χ15 , 23 pages spiral binding , only 0,87€/pc.
  3. the special prices refer to 1000 pieces .