Printed Catalogs

3000pc8 pages Α50,17 € / pc
1000pc8 pages Α50,35 € / pc
1000pc20 pages A40,68 € / pc

Folded catalogs of brochures   

1100pc4 pages A4115 €
1100pc4 pagesA585 €
10.000pc4 pages A5285 €

* prices do not include VAT.

Printed catalogs-Look book

Print your business catalogs for your company products and make your selection between special print and paper treatments and choose the number of pages you need

For corporate lists we recommend printing in paper Velvet, which gives absolute conformity of colors and printing, while for prestige we cover lamination, varnish, gold and silver elements and UV elements.

We also produce catalogs for cafe-restaurants, fast food and bars , simple or with special after print treatments of paper printing.

Simple Selection Categories

• Printing of product lists in various choices of papers.

• Printing of product lists in various number of pages and types of bookbinding.

• We can print lists and menus in various sizes and forms.

• Depending on the amount of catalogs, printing becomes digital or offset.

• For more than 8 pages we make bookbinding with pin, lace, glue, metal screws or spiral.

• The cover page can be made of material, such as pvc, plastic, leather, wood, plexiglass, etc.• You can select the weight of the paper for the cover and for the internal pages.

• We print the newspapers with cross folding and in improbable prices 250 € / 700pcs.

• We also print timetables with spirals, books, service book in special prices.

• We design your catalog and we proceed in the printing or in the development of the web page flip catalog.