Printed envelopes

Envelopes 100gr

1000pcEnvelopes(No 4501)11×2375€
5000pcEnvelopes(No 4501)11×23180€
1000pcEnvelopes cmyk(No 4504)11×23165€
εκτυπωμένεα-τιμολόγια προεκτυπωμένα-τιμολόγια-Α4

μπλοκ με περφορέ ψαροκολλητά




Printed forms – Invoices Α4 110gr

1000pcForms(No 4401)110gr75€
5000pcForms(No 4401)110gr125€
10000pcForms(No 4401)110gr175€

*prices dont include vat

Envelope and folder printing

Printings of envelopes and sachet, in all dimensions. Also we have the ability for printings envelopes in open paper.
The process of printing open paper envelopes requires experience in the planning and the fringes of printing in order that the file closes rightly without edge colour.

The classic dimension of file of correspondence is 23×11,5cm and it fits a A4 form folded in three.
We collaborate with the leading constructors of envelopes as «Georgiou» and «Aggelidis», with perfect result and smooth printing raster.

  1. We print on envelopes 23×11,5 till 30x40cm.
  2. We design and print envelopes and folders with silver color, gold and specifically Pantonne colors.
  3. On pre folded folder we can print all the sides.

Printed forms

Printed forms are A4 pages printed of aspect and are used for printing or writing of letters.
The quality of paper that we use for the printing of notepapers is paper of writing 80-100gr.

We print A4 in paper of writing from 80gr until 100gr (the grams are reported in gsm, that is to say grams per square metre and determine weight of paper of printing).
Notepapers heavier than 100gr are not proposed because they do not pass from domestic printers.

•  ? The weight of paper should be essentially above 80gr in order to not see through.

•  ? The design reflects the brand image of your company and it is better to be minimal.

•  ? We can print the notepapers on both sides.

Printed Invoices

The notepapersand forms can be used naturally as receipts, orders, directives, contracts and in general for each good of corporate form that needs paper of writing.
The invoices are printed in various dimensions with basic the A4 that is to say 21ch30cm.

The printing of tariffs requires absolute coincidence of pre printed fields so that the information that will be printed out by the printer of each enterprise (sum, VAT k.a tax consulting elements in each form) fits perfect.


company gives you solution for each tax consulting or functional form that you need .Also in the printings of tariffs we have the possibility of printing:

  • Single side notepapers tariffs in paper of writing.
  • Triplicates of tariffs with self-registering (without carbon)
  • Long feed forms for printers with holes, triplicate with printing of 2 aspects for special work, garages, actuarial etc.