Special printed invitations and luxury envelopes for your events.

Printited invitations


Your invitations are very important for each event that you organize!
Our company can print ypur special ocasion invitations and envelopes in wholesale prices .
We can create and design the most complex printed invitation.
We also can use special papers like :

  • Conqueror
  • Emperor
  • Dali
  • Craft

We have dozens of paper qualities that we can show you in our showroom and chosse the best for your invitaion!
Special priting methods can apply to your invitation , like :

  1. Thermical color tranfer
  2. Gold film printing
  3. Silver film printing
  4. Soecial metalic tranfer
  5. Letter-press
  6. UV-lamination

and many more paper qualities and printing methods .

Luxury envelopes

Envelopes can «lift» the final apearence of your invitation!
Our company can produce the most dificult custom made envelope .

  • In all dimensions
  • With special foldings
  • Lamination
  • Back folds
  • Specific cuted
  • Perforated
  • Boxed

and whatever you can imagine for your special event !
Chosse the paper weight :

  1. 120gr
  2. 220gr
  3. 300gr
  4. or even 500gr
  5. lamination

We use the best paper qualities and we take care of the way the envelopes mach with the invitations!