Stickers and labels for your business

Digital printed adhesives

The self-adhesive labels, take a big part of our daily printing production.
Print out daily ,thousands of self-adhesive labels for any product,like stickers for small bottles of perfumes, inmates, bottles and types of products for domestic use and cleanness.

Our production supports digital printings in plain paper or laminated paper. Digital printing in plotter for self-adhesive in vinil and printings in round-offset format and round-digital format with unlimited possibilities and applications.

The printing and production of self-adhesives and stickers in roll are a very exigent in detail process ,that is completed in collaboration with the bigger unit of production of labels in Greece.

Stickers in roll

Our company, gives you the possibility of ordering self-adhesive labels of role ,for your products with the guarantee and certification of the biggest producers of stickers worldwide.

You can print labels in roll, for your products inr small or big production.

The choices are many
Printed labels 6 colors, 5 colors, 4 colors, 3 colors, 2 colors,1 color.
Labels printed with heat transfer printing, thermic materials.
Labels in White pvc , Black or transparent.
Labels in silver polyester, Labels in cloth fabric.
Ribbon printed with heat transfer, roll printing, Ribbon plastic
PVC printed

Barcode Labels (m2).

Special adhesive labels .

Printing in self-adhesive paper of high quality in any type:

Gloss, Super Gloss, High Gloss
PP (polybromobiphenyl) White mat/gloss, Black mat/gloss, Transparent mat/gloss
Gkofre White, Krem
Thermic, Top, Top with glue of freezer
White Remover
Golden Paper, Silver Paper, Paper of Recycling

durable, indelible printings with live colours CMYK and inexhaustible nuances pantone in combination with bright silver and gold, printed in most qualitative materially.