One of the most commercial ways to promote your business is booklet printing and distribution with brochures.

It's an easy and quick way for consumers to get informed about your products or services.

Printing in brochures A5 135gr cmyk

2500Brochures A52 faces57€
5000Brochures A52 faces68€
10000Brochures A52 faces115€

Brochures promotional and catalogs from 57 €.

Brochures A4 135gr cmyk

2500Brochures A42 faces88€
5000Brochures A42 faces125€
10000Brochures A42 faces210€

* prices are not included.

Printing brochures

In the brochures you should pay attention to the following in design and printing:

• The model to reflect it brand image of your company.

• Yes do not get tired your audience with too much information

• It is good to have one special offer so there is a call to action for your future client.

• Select the weight of the paper you will use for brochures to be at least 135gr double / triple coating.

• The paper is soft and the colors with raster go smoothly, which is right paper with high absorbency !

Advertising material of all kinds.

Our company has the ability to print offset for large prints and digitally for small prints respectively.

The brochure you are going to print is under strict control for both print quality and for the color profiles you use.

If you assign to our graphic design department designing your brochure , beyond the very affordable price we offer you, we deliver multiple prints for your next jobs and of course a perfect and highly profitable brochure sales , form, flyer.
Prints of leaflets and generally mono leaflets can be up to A2 with a map diploma.

We have diploma and graduate diploma for each diploma of your brochure, double-leaf brochure, triptych leaflet, triptych step, quadruple, printed window. We can also apply cutting die in every printout of your brochure or brochure, and even to make cutouts for your printing company for your company.

brochures flyers

Brochures and the right form can "take off" your sales at a very low cost!

Most of our clients print flyers, flyers, mono prints and distribute with frequent repetitions and great commercial result.
Our company, TOCA printing & advertising, prints approximately 300.000 brochures per day, issues over 10 Offset film tins, dozens of color-proof (for demanding prints) and completes 10-15 printing per day on a set of 4 Offset machines.
With this production you are almost certain delivery in 3-4 days and very likely to 1-2 days if you have an immediate need to print for conferences or exhibitions.

We are at your disposal by telephone for any information and our team is ready to serve you and with an appointment in our showroom where you will see samples of brochures, leaflets, mono sheets and of course you want from business cards simple and with All the processing, up to large-scale inscriptions.
Say "All TOCA" and print with us everything about your corporate image!

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