We roll sticker stickers for your small or large production.

Digital adhesive labels

Labels are a big part of our everyday prints.
We print thousands of stickers every day for any product, such as sticker labels for fragrance bottles, food, bottle roll and household and cleaning items.

sticker stickers

Sticker applications

Roll labels.

Stickers of enamel.

Adhesive labels with engraving for delivery.

Labels for Paper Bags.

Tags for olive oil digital.

Roll-on stickers and wafer stickers.

Self-adhesive digital labels for all uses.

Violent Labels with Plotter Printing.

Tag labels.

Our production supports flat digital prints on plain paper and lamination, digital plotter prints for vinyl stickers, and round-offset and round-digital rolls with unlimited capabilities and applications.

The printing and production of stickers is a very demanding and detailed process that is being completed in cooperation with the largest labels production unit in Greece.

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Roll labels

Our company enables you to order roll-up labels for your products with the guarantee and certification of the largest adhesive producers worldwide.

We label stickers for all your needs

Labels with gold embossed relief.

Roll stickers set.

Metal prints and extrusions.

Chrysotyping with Gloss Varnish.

Stickers on 4 Wine Paper Color.

Label Roller Stickers.

Embossed roll stickers.

Polymeric label labels.

You can print label labels for your products and your small or large production.

The options are many
Printed 6color, 5color, 4color, 3color, 2color, monochrome
Printed with thermoprint, thermal transfer imprints, thermal imprints
White Plastic Imprints, Black, Transparent Imprints
silver polyester, Textile labels
Textile ribbon printed on thermoprinting, Wooden chest of drawers, Ribbon thermoplastic
PVC Paper Cake Jellies
Gold Paper (μ2)

Special self-adhesive labels

Printing on high quality adhesive paper of any type:

Gloss, Super Gloss, High Gloss
PP (polypropylene) White mat / gloss, Black mat / gloss, Transparent mat / gloss
Goofre White, Cream
Thermal, Top, Top with freezer glue
White Remover
Gold Paper, Silver Paper, Recycling Paper

Durable, indelible prints with vivid CMYK colors and inexhaustible pantone shades combined with shiny gold and silver prints printed on the highest quality and original materials.

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