Business cards
350gr laminated

1000pccmyk2 sides35€
1000pcspot emboss uv2 sides118€
500pc300gr1 side25€

Special business cards

500pc700gsm lmn.uv 2sd135€
500pc750gsm goldprintletterpress285€
500τpc780micronpvc (credit-card)215€

*prices dont include vat.

Business cards printing

Special after printing process

  • ✔ Printing andletterpress
  • ✔ Inflexible with close-laminated papers
  • Pvc 500 micron
  • PVC – credit card
  • ✔ With special cuts
  • ✔ SPOT EMBOSS UV flat UV
  • ✔ PRINTED metal or simple COLOR TRANSFER
  • ✔ PRINTED 3D effect
  • ✔ With RANDOM DATA
  • ✔ In specifically SPECIAL PAPER
  • ✔ In eco brown
  • ✔ In paper craft
    Design and printing of business cards.
Useful information on the printing of professional cards.
επαγγελματικές κάρτες βαθυτυπίαeidik;a xartia

οικολογικές κάρτες

κάρτες λαμιναριστές διπλές

pvc cards κάρτες μέλους

χαρτί eco

τοπικό ανάγλυφο uv

καρτελάκια ανάγλυφα γυαλιστερά

Professional cards should not contain a lot of information and pictures. Your full name, the logo of company and your elements of communication, are enough .
If you want something different for your enterprise, print cards in particular material or form, laminated, letterpress, UV and many more.
The weight of paper that you will use in your card is very important. The ideal weight of paper for business cards that, they do not get injured easily they, is 350gr.
The cards should have subdue lamination (unless it is special paper) so that are not destroyed easily and they are more durable in humidity.
The correct dimension is 8,5x5cm so that it fits in wallets.

Make your appointment in order to you see hundreds of samples of business cards!

    Printing in special materials
Epaggelmatikes cards with special printing and after printing procidures

The printing of cards in special papers , is a very detailed process.
Experience and knowledge of papers behavior is recuired that we will process as well as absolute coincidence of “steps” that completes the final result of printing sample.


  1. The printing-house should explain to you, what categories of papers , are suitable for letter press business cards.
  2. They should show you a lot of samples and you must check the coincidences of printing and colours with lupe (special lens of typographers).
  3. Mesure with micrometer (special tool of measurement of thickness), the thickness of stuck papers of card that you will make so that you achieve the thickness that you want.